Monday, November 18, 2013

Houston Community Newspapers/Bay Area Citizen: Taken Over by tea party??

With 24 community newspapers across the Houston region, over 460,000 circulation and almost a million weekly readers, you would think Houston Community Newspapers would attempt to provide its readers balanced information and not fall in line with the extreme right wing tea party. You, like me, would be wrong.

For many years, the local Bay Area Citizen center in Clear Lake area was edited by an independent woman who clearly sought to provide a balanced set of articles, editorials and letters to the editor. A year or two ago, she was replaced by a new multi-paper editor, Jim Molony, who kept his former HCN paper(s) Pearland Journal, and took over the Citizen as well as the Friendswood Journal. Not sure when he took over the Pasadena Citizen and Deer Park Broadcaster, but he controls them also.

Instantly, the newspapers shifted from a balanced approach, slamming to far right wing propaganda from a variety of extremist think tanks and tea party.

This week, looking over the Bay Area Citizen and its website, the following list of tea party right wing trash was published, and not one piece from the wide middle, let alone the left of center where 40% of local Bay Area Citizens cast their votes in partisan elections.

How does the local weekly paper look in your community?  Falling off the right wing cliff?

If you happen to see Jim Molony in your neighborhood, ask him why the local papers have become so overwhelmingly biased to the tea party. Or give him a call or send an email. It is certainly time to stop paying subscriptions or even reading these papers.

Jim Molony
(281) 378-1930

Future of Freedom Foundation in Fairfax, Va. (    Preventing war with Iran is top priority  The best way to keep Iran from building a nuclear bomb is for the Obama administration and its nuclear client Israel to stop threatening the Islamic Republic. 
 GOLDEN OP-ED: Liberty Lost  Liberty is lost when it’s seized by government or freely relinquished in response to false pretenses and misleading promises.
 Cruz: Obamacare is not working. It’s time to start over
US Rep. Olson  Olson introduces articles of impeachment against Eric Holder
 Cruz: Bring transparency to the Federal Reserve, vote to audit the Fed
 Cornyn: Navigator program should stop immediately
 Cornyn: Demands dismantling Of Obamacare navigator program


  1. I suppose you could start your own newspaper.

    Or would you prefer that Obama issue an executive order requiring "balance" in community newspapers, First Amendment be damned?

    Or maybe you favor outright nationalization of the sort he wanted obamaCare to be?

    1. I prefer to voice my complaints, using my first amendment rights, to the owners, managers and the public. In addition I recommend that readers and subscribers boycott the Houston Community Newspapers, using their obvious rights to obtain information where they can obtain the balanced news that help make an informed electorate. The rest of your comment is silly.

  2. Wow. that is one ignorant filled comment. Nothing wrong with a bit of balance. The Bay Area Citizen has become a beacon for the tea party's extreme right wing views. VERY EXTREME. What happened to the republican party?