Saturday, October 5, 2013

The dumb and dumber of the Tea Party Congress. Back pay

There was only one thing the Tea Party Congress can do that is dumber than shutting down the United States Government and that is paying federal employees for not working during the shutdown they created. This is beyond stupidity.

On a vote of 407-0 every single tea party member of Congress voted for back pay for furloughed workers just so they could justify their own paychecks. This had nothing to do with placing furloughed workers in the middle of their decision to hold the government hostage. It had everything to do with protecting their own $175,000 salaries and health care.

The remaining members of the real Republican Party should hang their conservative heads in shame. Who could possibly think that paying employees for not working was "conservative". Who could possibly think that holding the country hostage because they lost the vote on a bill was "conservative". One of these days the real Conservatives will retake their party from the lunatics call the Tea Party.

Because what they are doing is not right.

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