Thursday, October 3, 2013

Republicans have lost their party

Senator John McCain, once the most respected Republican in the Senate, has lost his status to a freshman wannabe legislator, Ted Cruz. It is embarrassing. Maybe he needs to jump ship while he has a ounce of dignity left in him. McCain may not make the big jump to the Democratic Party but becoming an independent might be best for him and the party in general.

There is no Republican Party in control anymore. Cruz has been leading Boehner around by the nose like a lost puppy. The teabaggers of the house has painted Boehner in a corner. He created these people. He deserves being teabagged over and over and over again and he will lose his job in 2014 in the primary.

Maybe one of these elections the true Republicans of the Republican Party will return to the polls and vote for conservative, rational, people instead of the crazy wacko birds of the teabagger party.

We can only hope.

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