Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Furloughed NASA Workers, Head to Coffee Oasis for a Free Cup of Joe

Coffee Oasis, long a gathering place for thoughtful people, is offering up free coffee today for furloughed federal employees, suddenly without an income. Come on over and plan how to force our congressional representatives to do let NASA do the important work its supposed to do.

See you at Coffee Oasis at 4650 NASA Parkway, Seabrook.


The Government Shutdown

An Offer of Support for Our Fellows

Due to the failure of our political institutions, our government is being shut down. Beginning today some 800,000 fellow Americans, public servants, have been told that there services are no longer required and they have no way of knowing when they will be going back to work on our behalf. In the mean time, they have families to care for and bills to pay.

In the Clear Lake area, the home of NASA, we have been especially hard hit. These are our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and customers. They are fellow volunteers in literally thousands of local projects, the people sitting next to us at church, at PTA meetings, and helping our sons and daughters with their scouting programs.

In support of our community, Coffee Oasis wants to offer our shop as a place of comfort and community for these displaced workers.
Any Federal worker who has been furloughed as a result of the government shutdown is welcome to come in for a free cup of coffee and to enjoy the company of their fellows and our community.

We hope to see you soon at the Oasis!


Rusty Cates

And the Team at Coffee Oasis

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