Monday, October 14, 2013

Barbaric Economic Terrorists

J.J. Watt said the Texan fans who cheered Sunday when Matt Schaun was injured, were "barbaric." Undoubtedly, he and the nation noted again a virulent barbarism spewing from the radical right homeland in Texas.

The nation, and even corporate leaders like Larry Fink of Blackrock Corp, wonders what happened to our democracy and the effects of economic terrorists like Ted Cruz and his pack of Tea Party radicals on the confidence of the rest of America.

Having failed with the Great Recession, is that increasingly toxic Texas fringe and fellow travelers such as Sarah Palin, not going to be content until there is a national perhaps global economic collapse?

What can be scarier than U.S. Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz at a microphone, a Harvard-educated lawyer and Princeton-educated radical oddly in  a hunting coat on a Sunday afternoon, cheering on a wild-eyed mob throwing stolen fences against the White House?

Perhaps it's a pack of four senior GOP candidates running for the most powerful elected office in Texas, competing, one-upping one another, to be the most anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic candidate in a Texas Municipal League forum. So caustic was their verbal maneuvering to be the most radically right wing, the debate ended because the crowd got up and left. Pleased with that extreme impact on the audience, Dan Patrick (a classic Texas right wing nut) summed it up, "The fact that you have all these people squirming, it struck a nerve."

It's true, the Tea Party intense desire is to strike a national nerve, and in their anti-American logic, all the better if it would trigger a broad based economic collapse enabling a post-modern, post-government state of nature where everyone really would need automatic weapons to protect themselves.

A locked up country awaits their next act.         Barbaric indeed!

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