Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Did Your US Senator Ted Cruz Do for You This Week?

A couple things you'll soon realize aren't good at all...

First, Ted Cruz goaded the U. S. House of Representatives to pass a federal government-wide funding bill with a "poison pill" to end the Affordable Health Care Act/Obama Care, that everyone knows will not pass the US Senate or ever be signed by the President. In essence, the House Republicans including local representatives of the tea party, Steve Stockman and Randy Weber, devised a plan to shut down the entire federal government.

Second, Cruz, with his pseudo-filibuster, took to TV to use this budget crisis to further his own political career. And in doing so, makes it even more likely the federal government and NASA will close. The cynics out there or even those just tired of all the politics, may say, "Great! Shut it down.I don't need anything from the federal government!" But hold on, who's the biggest employer of the Bay Area? Yes, it is the federal government's NASA Johnson Space Center, which despite the erroneous rumors, is far from closed with about 3,400 civil servants and 10,000 contractors working in the immediate Clear Lake area. At least, this week they're all working, bring in millions of dollars and spending millions of dollars at local businesses, from gas stations to Bay Brook Mall, from local grocery stores to coffee shops, from child care facilities to pubs, on and on, a federally funded economic powerhouse that will probably be shuttered next Tuesday, Oct. 1, for who knows how long.

Ted Cruz, Steve Stockman, Randy Weber, the local tea baggers, and Texas GOP (Rick Perry will love it!) will get their way, and shutdown that terrible federal government, including NASA. Their goals and strategies will play out at the family dinner tables and businesses throughout the area and beyond, where all will suffer the loss income, business and results of our space program.

Do you care? If you care, pick up the phone and call the offices of Ted Cruz, Steve Stockman and Randy Weber, and tell them, hell yes, I care. I don't want the government and all its services shut down, especially NASA and the good work it does. Tell them to grow up, stop punishing US citizens and govern!

Steve Stockman: 202-225-1555 DC     281-478-2799  local
Randy Weber: 202-225-2831 DC      281-316-0231  local
Ted Cruz:   202-224-5922  DC       713-653-3456   local

Somebody better tell the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, BAHEP and local banks to expect a major economic free fall!

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