Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Did Your Congressional Rep Do for You Last Week?

Always interesting to catch up on the actual votes in Congress. Last week the biggest, just about only vote was in the U. S. House of Representatives concerning the federal funding bill to avoid a government-wide shut down that the GOP leadership and Tea Party clan added on another attempt to defund Obamacare. Believe this is the 42nd pre-destined to fail attempt. Regardless, all 16 Texas Republican congressmen voted yes to shut down the government unless the majority in the Senate and President agree to end health care reform that would benefit millions of Texans. Two local congressmen of the Bay Area - Steve Stockman and Randy Weber - voted against continuing NASA activities unless the Senate votes to end Obama care and the President votes against the badly needed program for 48 million (or about 16 %) uninsured Americans. Texas has over 6 million people without health insurance, or about 24% of all Texans.
The only congressional reps voting against shutting down the government and NASA were five Democrats including Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green.

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