Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to Furlough Ted Cruz, Stockman and Weber and other Teapartiers in Congress - Stockman & Weber and...

It's time that Texas Senator Ted Cruz return his huge Congressional salary and benefits to the U.S. taxpayers who expect him to be a leader representing the interests of ALL Americans, not just the few Teaparty radicals. Likewise, others who have voted to close down important government facilities like NASA and Johnson Space Center, must return their pay because they are AWOL from their democratic duties to represent the concerns of the vast majority and not a few extremists. Locally, Randy Weber and Steve Stockman, should go first, and then all the others in the GOP who are voting to shut down NASA and other key government agencies and services.

Give back our taxes, and let the rocket scientists and their support staff return to the good work.

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