Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to furlough NASA employees

There is nothing worse than a tea party, libertarian, working at a government facility calling for less government spending.

Astronauts depend upon these so- called "engineers" to keep them alive in space and yet they can't figure out where their paychecks comes from while running in circles waving their arms and yelling for more tax cuts. Much like chickens ordering a pot pie from Colonel Sanders then complaining that it tastes like chicken. (like DUH!)

This week these highly ed-ju-mecated individuals might get what they want: less spending. In fact, because of the wild eyed, wacko birds of the tea party, they will get no spending, including no paychecks. The last furlough happened about 20 years ago. Back then it was a conservative Republican Party that stood their ground demanding less spending, not this wacko lunatic party they have become today. In the end, the government was shutdown for 2 weeks. Lucky for the elite space cadets of the NASA workforce, they received back pay for having a 2 week tax funded vacation and not one volunteered to return the money, especially those shooting their mouths off.

This time NASA employees will be left to fend for themselves, barred from the workplace, no capability to use their vacation time in lieu of work, without hope of back pay, and drifting as if in the movie Gravity. For those who want less government, they are getting exactly that. For the government employees who demand  tax cuts, they should quit and get off the tit of the government.

Maybe then they will remember in space no one can hear you deposit your paycheck.

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