Sunday, August 18, 2013

Who is running for Mayor of Houston?

The race for Mayor is on with the 1st of many forums/debates/gatherings/whatever held last night. Here is a quick guide to who is running.

According to the main stream media, there are only two viable candidates, and they are probably right. Out of the 5 candidates only Mayor Parker and Ben Hall are serious candidates, able to raise money (sort of) and attention. The others are fringe candidates running for reasons unknown.

Mayor Annise Parker. Mayor Parker is the incumbent running for her third term. Parker was elected in December of 2009 after a run off with Gene Locke.

Attorney Ben Hall. Ben Hall is a former City Attorney under Mayor Bob Lanier. This is his first try at elected office with a self financed campaign.

The fringe:

Eric Dick. Eric Dick is an attorney in Houston. His claim to fame was littering the city with his campaign signs like a dog marking his territory back in 2011. This election he is running as the Harris County Republican Party candidate although I wonder if they really approve of his message. Look for Dick to peter out.

Don Cook. Cook is the Green Party candidate in the non partisan race for Mayor. Little is known about him except his crappy website.

Victoria Lane. Speaking of little is known.....little is known of Victoria Lane. No website. No Facebook. No nothing. A fringe candidate for sure.

Mike Fitzsimmons. Another unknown wannabe.

Keryl Douglas. Douglas is a strange individual. She is an attorney who came out of no where to run for the Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party funded by republican organizations. Not quite sure why she is running for Mayor or what qualifications she thinks she has to be Mayor, but then again we can ask that of Dick and the other fringe candidates.

For now, the races is between Parker and Hall.


  1. I was a big supporter of Parkers. Two year ago I barely voted for her. This year NO WAY. Ben Hall is no better. I am going to vote for Eric Dick. Check out his interview with Ted Oberg at
    He is the only candidate who sounds real and not plastic. I think he is the only candidate with the ability to turn this city around and get rid of the looming 13.1 billion dollar debt. He has a plan. Back to the basics. ERIC DICK! He has got my VOTE!

  2. I do not agree with your thinking. Dick seems to be the only candidate with a plan to stop the wasteful spending and hold the City accountable for the funds. He is going to start by cutting his own salary and staffs salary and work down! Do some research. This guy has an LLM in taxation and sues Insurance companies. He will probably be taking a huge decrease to run the city.

  3. Excuse me, Victoria Lane have a
    web site, is it:

    Facebook is Victoria Lane or link is:


  4. And Victory Lane was today at my friend talking about their proposals, she was going door to door.

  5. Sorry, whether you vote for Dick or not, he is nothing but a fringe candidate who can't raise money or interest in his campaign. Running a campaign is a tough business. Dick has absolutely no idea of what he is doing with the few thousand he raised besides buying a butt load of signs and would have no idea of what to do with the budget of the 4th largest city in the country. He has no ground plan. No media plan. No mailout plan. No volunteer plan. Even his social media is on par with a run for PTA president.