Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who is laughing at NASA now?

It was bad enough when we had our Congressman (Pete Olson) called the President of the United States a Socialist every chance he had, even though he is far from being remotely close to one. In return we lost a Shuttle for display at Space Center Houston. Who could blame them? But now we have our new Tea Party Congressman Steve Stockman making a fool out of himself also. From the Houston Chronicle:

Rep. Steve Stockman extended an invitation Wednesday to the Missouri rodeo clown who was banned for mocking President Barack Obama at a state fair this week. The clown, Tuffy Gessling, faced national backlash after he donned a mask of Obama’s face at the Missouri State Fair, while another clown asked the crowd if they wanted to see him run over by a bull. Stockman said the national outcry, with members of Congress of both parties calling the stunt racist, was over-hyped.

If you haven't heard, this clown was at a state sponsored rodeo and was so disrespectful of the President of the United States even the leaders of the State Republican Party called for his painted face on a platter, and got it! The clown was banned from future rodeos for life!

But for Steve, he isn't a Republican, he is a Tea Bagger, one that endorses and encourages other teabaggers to be disrespectful to the President. So it shouldn't surprise anyone from the NASA community if we get crapped upon by the Administration, again.

The clown was banned for life and Stockman is making a fool of himself at our expense. Who is laughing now?

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