Friday, August 9, 2013

The Teabag Gazette of Clear Lake (formerly The Bay Area Citizen)

What the hell has happened to the Bay Area Citizen?

I remember sitting down with the Editor of the Bay Area Citizen years ago on many occasions talking local issues or politics. We didn't always see eye to eye but she was a balanced reporter with a fair newspaper which earned the respect of many throughout the community.

Today's Bay Area Citizen has been turned into The Teabag Gazette loaded with weekly lunatic rantings by the weekly Letter to the Editor contributor, Larry Reams and OP-EDs by the Texas Taliban, Congressman Olson, Stockman, and Cruz. Ream's letters are long enough to provide reading entertainment for a decade, and chock full of the usual Teabag bait words like "Socialism" and "Freedom", "Kenya", and
"illegal aliens". He must be a cousin to the editor that has secrets about his childhood and demanding weekly ink time in return for keeping silent.

The Larry Reams Citizen provides ample ink to Olson, our former Congressman who tucked tail and ran to Sugar Land after losing the Space Shuttle to New York, and our new Congressman, Steve "Laughing" Stockman. No one seems to know what he has done for the Space Program except oppose anything the Administration is for. He, like Olson, is content bashing the Administration, calling the President a Kenyan, calling for his birth certificate, supporting the insurance companies, and wondering why their district is getting crapped upon. Go figure.

Now the TeaRag has given free ink to Ted Cruz, the Agenda 21, bat shit crazy Senator from Texas. Cruz is spewing teabaggery on another level than Olson, Reams, and Stockman. It is almost funny if it wasn't so frightening.

The Bay Area Citizen used to be a pretty well rounded newspaper. Now it is the Teabag Gazette focused on the loud, ignorant, minority. Sad.

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  1. Ouch John..... A little too much ad hominem here!