Sunday, August 4, 2013

Greg Abbott's campaign gimmick, protecting the Constitution

Greg Abbott is campaigning on a simple minded gimmick: protecting the Constitution.

This gimmick is aimed toward his tea party supporters, many who do not know even the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution (besides the 2nd). By the way, the first 10 Amendments are called the "Bill of Rights". These rights were, at one time, guaranteed by the Constitution for every American citizen. They guarantee our right to freedom of religion, press, and speech. It allows us to own a gun and it allows us to have a trial for a civil case (7th Amendment) when a home builder build a faulty foundation, or when a dealer sells a lemon, or a credit card company overcharges you on interest.

Gregg Abbott is not going to protect that 7th Amendment. As Attorney General he never did. Not once has he stepped in while his donors, the home builders, car dealers, and out of state credit card holders have required their customers to give up their Constitutional right to a jury trial. Instead in order to buy the American Dream, Texas consumers must give up their rights as an American and agree to a privatized justice system that is unfair, extremely expensive, and staked in favor of Abbott's donors. This is called mandatory binding arbitration.

The vast majority of consumers will never need the 7th Amendment and are willing to not only give it up, but say nothing while Abbott and his donors give it up for everyone else. Abbott is picking and choosing which Amendments to protect and which will get him more votes, that being the 2nd Amendment even though not one single law concerning gun ownership has been passed in the last 10 years.

Abbott will not stand for consumers in this state but will gladly claim he is "protecting the Constitution" in order to protect his home builders, car dealers, and the credit card companies..

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