Sunday, August 25, 2013

Exploration Green: A New Star Forming in Clear Lake Area

A new star is forming in the Clear Lake area where families of space explorers, oil explorers, and knowledge explorers will discover nearly 200 acres of green space available for recreation and much-needed flood control. The Clear Lake City Water Authority, supported by numerous partners, is creating a world-class flood detention system based on the analyses of experts in the field and a new green space in the heart of the Clear Lake, designed by conservancy professionals to shine like other beautiful new parks. The dual-use area will be named “Exploration Green,” akin to downtown Houston’s hugely successful Discovery Green.

By choosing the name “Exploration Green,” the CLCWA Board decided to honor our local exploration legacy and future, and also decided to pursue a partnership with the local Galveston Bay Foundation to ensure an environmentally sound approach to the area. The board voted in support of the non-profit conservancy to manage the design, development, and creation of recreation and environmental amenities in Exploration Green. 

Acres and acres of green space is available to explore right now. The water authority could only buy the land for badly needed water detention area, and as the area is developed for that, it will also be home for recreation and conservation. Check it out, the area right in the middle of suburban neighborhoods is a beautiful green space that most Bay Area Citizens don't know is open now, today for walking, running, cycling and worshiping nature. Go today!

“It’s great to see all the work by award-winning design organizations and citizen volunteers coming together in an integrated master plan and initial steps to create a conservancy to raise funds for the project,” said CLCWA Vice President John Branch. “Exploration Green will belong to all the residents of the CLCWA,” Frank Weary, chair of the Conservancy Advisory Committee, said. “We’re setting up a non-profit conservancy to represent community interests, organize plans, raise funds, lead development and ultimately manage Exploration Green.”

Since buying the former golf course in May 2011, the Clear Lake Water Authority has proceeded carefully to develop plans for the water detention area and green space that will benefit the entire boundary of the Authority. Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam, Houston’s award-winning planning, engineering and program management firm, and SWA Group, Houston’s award-winning landscape architecture, planning and urban design firm with current projects at Buffalo Bayou and Hermann Park, had key roles in initial analyses and designs leading to the project’s master plan recently approved by CLCWA.

Check out the area's Master Plan here.

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