Saturday, August 24, 2013

Did we really lose a retired Shuttle at Space Center Houston?

This week it was announced the 747 used to transport the Space Shuttle across the country would be mated with the Shuttle mock up at Space Center Houston as a 6 story permanent display. Congressman Pete Olson briefly, and horrible, spoke about losing out on one of the retired Shuttles during the announcement at Ellington AFB. He didn't mention that his constant beating of the "Obama is a socialist" drum didn't exactly help with that decision. Olson didn't have a problem with calling the President of the United States a Kenyan, then expecting the administration to give him a retired shuttle so he could give a poorly worded and delivered speech at the dedication. (Something aint right about that boy)

But there is no sense jumping off a bridge over spilled milk. Take a look at this time lapsed video of the mating of the shuttle to the 747. It is impressive.

New York just posted pictures of their Shuttle display and it couldn't be more disappointing. You can't touch it. You can't walk through it. You can't get near it. I would have thought, at the very least, a platform would have been installed through the bay so tourists could actually walk inside of the vehicle, without touching it itself. They could see just how huge the bay is. They could see the inside of the cockpit and all of the instruments. They could see, but not touch the inside of the vehicle itself. Unfortuantely that will not happen.

But, if Space Center Houston is creative (big if) this 747/shuttle display could be interesting.We might have lost a retired Shuttle, but we could gain a great display in the future.

Oh....and we lost Pete Olson, and that can't be bad at all. (except we got stuck with Steve Stockman)

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