Monday, August 19, 2013

Bay Area's State Representative, John Davis, will not seek re-election

Rumor has it that State Representative John Davis will hang up his $1500 boots and will not run for re-election.

You may not know what John Davis has done for your community and family, and you may not know who John Davis is, or even care, but rest assured, he is not going to be your unknown State Representative for long. After 15 years serving the Petrochemical industries of the Bay Area, Davis is leaving.

Davis claim to fame was being caught hiding over $100,000 of his donors money and using some of it to buy custom made cowboy boots for $1500, free gasoline, and bedding for a college dorm. Davis eventually paid back his campaign after numerous Ethics complaints were filed.

Now while all the teabaggers have been yelling and screaming about health care, Davis will walk away from a part time job of 15 years with health care for life at taxpayers expense. He will also be able to collect Social Security, and a hefty pension of $30,000 for life again at taxpayers expense. Not bad for a part time job that required not much more than putting his boots on the desk.

Davis' departure opens the door for a tea party candidate to win. God helps us all. 

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