Monday, August 5, 2013

At Last, A Simplified Exlanation of Obama Care Benefits at AARP Website

After all the random articles, news reports and trumped up criticisms about Obama Care, and what it means for us, it was very hard to know it benefits until this website brought forward by AARP. Check it out at AARP's new Health Law Answers tool, Personalized Guidance on the New Health Care Law . It shows you how the health care law works for you and your family. Answer a few simple questions and get a personalized report based on your responses.

Check out all the preventative measures that must be given to you and your family free without any co-pays or anything: 15 different measures for all adults, over 20 measures free for all women and 25 different measures for children. And no more worries about "pre-conditions" or running out of coverage for major illnesses, no annual or lifetime limits, and at least 80% of all healthcare contributions must go for health care not administrative/advertising costs. All of this no matter what your income.
Find out all the answers to your questions at AARP's Personalized Guidance on the New Health Care Law !

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