Friday, July 26, 2013

You might want to check your homeowners insurance policy

You can thank your State Representatives Larry Taylor and John Davis for this increase.

Back in 2003 the Texas Legislature led by State Representatives Larry Taylor, an insurance company owner in Friendswood, allowed the insurance industry to remove coverage for foundation, water, and sewer damage in their policies. Unfortunately, the industry was not required to notify owners and few homeowners are aware of these changes until they need the protection they thought they had.

USAA did notify owners by sending a letter boasting that owners could now "pick and choose" the coverage they wanted. This sounded great until you realize they removed the coverage but did not lower the premium! When these services were restored it was a 17% increase in my premium. Other homeowners were not so lucky. Their companies simply removed the coverage and kept charging them the same amount.

So, you might want to check if your policy still has coverage for foundation damage, sewer back up inside the home, and hidden water leaks. From what I understand the policies continue to have coverage for a sudden release of water but not for that drip, drip, drip damage that is now available to buy.

So, less coverage, higher premiums. Thanks State Representatives Larry Taylor and John Davis!

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