Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Zimmerman verdict just isn't right

I do not exist in the eyes of the republican party and I am glad. As a conservative I believe in common sense. The republican party today has been overrun by what the left calls "gun nuts", "loonies", "crazies". Conservatives are not gun nuts but then again the Republican Party is no longer conservative.

The Zimmerman verdict is a disgrace. Common sense tells a person with half a brain to leave the damn kid alone and let the cops do their jobs. Instead he became a vigilante which is behavior being endorsed by the far right, now called the republican party. Stand Your Ground laws are over kill, literally, and members of this far right party are now beginning to feel the pain of their cowboy society they created. This party endorses carrying rifles at the Texas capitol across their shoulder, just wanting someone to yell "HE'S GOT A GUN!". And for what? To show they have a big gun to offset their little dick? Seriously, this gun nut mentality isn't the actions of a conservative. It is the actions of a nut.

I'm not a nut. Common sense tells me that shooting a kid is wrong. Carrying a rifle in public is wrong. Killing an unarmed 36 year old in Taylor Lake Village is wrong. But then again, I ain't right enough for this screwed up party.

I just simply don't exist anymore.

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