Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: Another "Friend" Ready to Shut Down NASA

Not to be outdone by Rep. Steve Stockman and Rep. Randy Weber, U. S. Senator Ted Cruz, representing Texas and NASA, today said a threatened government shutdown would just be like a "long weekend." Over 3,000 civil servants who are rocket scientists and even astronauts in space would be affected by a federal government shutdown.

What is it with these politicians, even those who purportedly support NASA Johnson Space Center in their state and district? This is a whole new crop of Tom Delays, who overjoyed in shutting down the hated government, including NASA doing the good work. And what will happen with astronauts on orbit aboard the Space Station, and what will happen to the many extremely conscientious technical wizards working 24/7/365 to watch over the Space Station and crew safety...even on long weekends?

Check out the story in Rollcall:  "Cruz Likens Shutdown to an Extended Weekend"

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