Thursday, July 18, 2013

Local Congressmen Vote to Slash NASA Budget

As the dysfunctional U. S. House of Representatives continues to barely pass anything that isn't wildly partisan, local congressmen Steve Stockman and Randy Weber  continue to vote against their constituents' interests. The best examples are their votes to decrease NASA's budget by over $1 Billion.

First the Sub-committee on Space voted for the huge reduction and then Wednesday the larger Science, Space and Technology Committee voted to slash $1B from NASA's program. That's 6.3 percent below what the White House requested for the agency, and 6.6 percent below 2012. That's $1.1B less than NASA's current budget and $1.4B below budget recommended by the Democratic-led Senate legislation. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) intends to introduced a NASA authorization bill July 17 that will recommend spending $18 billion on the U.S. space agency next year.

Steve Stockman is one of three Republican congressman from Texas on the Space sub-committee and six in the Science committee, including Randy Weber and Chairman Lamar Smith of the GOP. While there are two Democrats on the Science committee and only one on the Space sub-committee from Texas. What do you suppose, were the GOP votes in support of NASA JSC, the home of human spaceflight?

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