Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Will Gov. Rick Perry Sign John Davis Bill to Raise Our Water Rates?

Update: R. Perry signed this faulty legislation Friday, June 14, 2013...

You may have heard about HB 1324 that local St. Rep. John Davis and St. Sen. Larry Taylor sponsored, and is currently on Perry’s desk, awaiting his signature to exempt local corporate entities/chemical plants from the Cear Laake City Water Authority's tax base. That exemption will release the plants from paying water authority taxes, which will likely result in increased charges to about 12,000 residential customers. Nice deal for your neighbors, John, not very smart! Maybe the governor will do the right thing and veto the bill rather than raise the water bill and taxes for Bay Area Houston hard working citizens.

It is not too late to let Governor Perry know you do not want this to happen, and that it will set a dangerous precedent for those who pay taxes now for services they do not receive. We all pay taxes to support the infrastructure of our community, our schools, roads and transportation services, our police and fire support among many other things. These corporations have paid these taxes since they built their plants in our municipality many years ago. And while they do not benefit from these services directly, their employees do, as these taxes go to strengthen our community infrastructure, making it a wonderful place to live and work.


Please email Governor Perry by going to Let him know that it is a serious precedent to set, to allow corporations to relinquish tax responsibility within a community in which they operate. We may not feel the pinch of this bill for some time, but we will feel it in the long term. Email Governor Perry today, and urge your friends to, before he signs this bill!!


  1. I do not have kids in school, so why am I paying school taxes? I think I will get Davis to file a bill for me.

    1. Yes, that's entirely expected result of Davis and the Texas legislative leadership provided this kind of tax break at the request of a former state senator (Mike Jackson) acting as a lobbyist for Pasadena and the petro-chem plants. I'm sure they'd be glad to cut some deals like that for school taxes for their friends. I assume you are one!?!