Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When you can't win, change the rules.

When I was a kid, my parents taught me to play the game, follow the rules, be gracious when winning, or admit defeat, then work harder to win the next time. Republicans don't teach their kids that any more.

The United States Supreme Court just struck down a major portion of the Voting Right Act. This required States, like Texas with a history of voter suppression, to obtain prior clearance for changes in voting laws. Texas is now free to rig the voting process, attempt to restrict the rights of the elderly, the poor, minorities, and students by requiring a picture ID to vote. Sounds like a simple thing to do especially for those who can't think deeper than a sheet of toilet paper. (turns out it is very difficult and expensive to obtain a picture ID in many parts of Texas)

Years ago the Republicans realized that they couldn't win by playing by the rules so they decided to adopt laws that restricted the rights of voters, not all voters, but voters that would most probably vote against them. For conservatives this was nothing more than changing the rules of the game, something we teach our kids not to do. But the Republican Party is no longer for conservative values.

Instead it is win by any means and spend as much taxpayer money as necessary for trial lawyers to defend their attack on voting rights, rights that American soldiers have died for. Rights that our American soldiers take an oath to defend.

The Republican Party could have taken the conservative approach by licking their wounds, regrouping, and get back to winning ways. Instead they simply changed the rules. They lied. They cheated. They stole. (And they cheated on their wives) These are things we used to teach our kids not to do.

As I have said before. I am a Conservative. Not a Republican. I don't exist. I'm Right, not stupid.

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