Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wendy Davis Takes on the Texas Capitol - Should She be the Next Governor of Texas?

Today one woman in the Texas State Senate stood up and spoke the truth for over eleven hours to protect the U.S. Supreme Court set rights of a woman over her own body. Speaking herself, as in filibustering for over 11 hours, she held off the far right actions to make into law, the most restrictive, most oppressive controls over women's right to chose. She stood her ground until Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst forced her to sit down on a fabricated rule violation. She sought to block the vote until the end of the special session and others continue the fighg as this is written. If they succeed in blocking the vote until midnight tonight, it is not clear if Rick Perry will call another session to continue this war on women.

Many have been saying that Davis should be the next governor of Texas, in order to bring back Texas and its laws to support all Texans, not just male Texans.  The story...

Who is Senator Wendy Davis? First, from Wiki, Her life story as a single mom who worked her way through Harvard Law.  And the official senate info in the Texas Tribune: Texas State Senator Wendy Davis.

What do you think, is she the next governor of Texas? Can she take back what Rick Perry has taken from Texas?

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