Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The IRS, tea party, Merril Lynch, and arbitration

It is almost funny to watch the members of the tea kettle party yell and scream about generic issues such as FREEDOM!!!!!, LIBERTY!!!!, and the CONSTITUTION!!! all the while their freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, are being stripped from them.

The tea kettlers can easily be distracted, like a cat in a butterfly factory providing amble opportunity to slowly squeeze their rights right out of them. The IRS "scandal" has these clearly political groups up in arms about being scrutinized for claiming tax exempt status while being clearly political. Add in the so called "spying" scandal the tea kettle party endorsed during the Bush Error (Era), and the Bengazhi attack and you have enough distraction to blow their tea kettle.

And while they yell, scream, and froth at the mouth chasing butterflies, their rights to the Constitution are being taken away. My favorite is the 7th Amendment, the right to a civil trial. Back in the mid 90's the home builders in Texas worked with the American Arbitration Association to insert an iron clad arbitration clause in all new home contracts. Buying the American Dream now requires giving up your rights as an American to a jury trial  for a privatized justice system, something our forefathers yelled, screamed, and frothed at the mouth about.

Now the arbitration clause is in almost every contract you sign, such as your credit cards, cell phone, a new or used car purchase, and even financial planning services from Merrill Lynch. They all claim that giving up your rights, once guaranteed by the 7th Amendment of the Constitution, is best for you, your family and society in general.

Much like someone saying giving up your rights to bear arms is best for you, your family and society in general. Of course if that happened the tea kettle party would yelling, screaming, and frothing at the mouth.

More on arbitration in the future. Until then, go read your contracts and hope you never have to use the rights you no longer have.

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