Thursday, June 20, 2013

Supreme Court screws American Express merchants with arbitration clause

Welcome to the club! From the Washington Post:
The Supreme Court’s conservatives again sided with companies that insist that disputes be handled through arbitration, ruling for American Express on Thursday over merchants who said the company made it impossible to pursue an antitrust complaint.
It is hard to feel sorry for the merchants. Consumers have been screwed by merchants abusing the mandatory arbitration clauses for over a decade now so it is almost fun to watch them get screwed. It goes on:
The court ruled 5 to 3 that the retailers were bound by an agreement to handle disputes through individual arbitration, even if banding together in class action was the only way to make such a challenge economically feasible.
This reminds me of when the consumers were arguing the same points against the merchants.Good luck in arbitration. You are going to need it! Oh....and welcome to the club!

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  1. I've never screwed a customer, but american express just stole 42,000 from my account with a credit card that was issued by them directly to identity theft criminals.