Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's get real, the Immigration bill is DOA.

A historic immigration bill was passed by the Senate on it's way to the teabagged controlled House making the chance of it's passage slim to none. Let's get real about this. The teabagged controlled Republican Party will NEVER allow President Obama a victory on anything, much less immigration.

The bill could allocate $30 Billion of our tax dollars for border security and building fences (which it does). It could allocate another $30 Billion to round up every immigrant and deport them to their homeland and the teabag Congress will still not allow the bill to pass because it could be a victory for the President. They have a problem taking a stand that would piss off the Hispanic voters and they have a problem passing a bill that would take away the cheap labor required by their donors. In the words of Bob Perry, the former largest donor to the party:

You hear the same story across the U.S. A relatively small number of foreign workers keeps millionsof native-born Americans employed. This, in turn, keeps the economy growing, and we  all share in the prosperity that results.

So, they have a choice, give Obama a victory and piss off their donors, or kill the bill, continue to support their donors with cheap illegal workers, and piss off the Hispanic community. The republican party could care less about the Hispanic community, (unless it will get them elected) and they need their donors (to get elected).

And most important, they hate President Obama. So the bill is dead.

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