Sunday, June 9, 2013

Leo Linbeck and Bob Perry.

Most people knew Bob Perry as a popular home builder in Texas. He passed away earlier this year. For those of us concerned about the rights of consumers to buy a product at a competitive price without defects, Perry wasn't doing any favors for Texas families. He co-founded Texans for Lawsuit Reform, convincing simple minded Texans that less lawsuits would create more competition and drive down prices of everything from new homes to medical insurance. It is easy for Texans to believe that junk even though the savings never materialized and the facts do not support his claims. As Homer Simpson says "Facts, smacks. You can prove anything with facts".

Leo Linbeck was another founder of TLR. He died yesterday. He too didn't do any favors for consumers in Texas, advocating for massive tort reform that most people do not care about, until it is time to care about it. Linbeck and Perry knew this. Most Texans don't give a damn about "greedy trial lawyers" as Leo and Bob would call them, until they needed the help of one of those "greedy trial lawyers". By then it is too late to understand what Leo and Bob have done to the court system and consumer rights.

Linbeck was also the lead investigator on the Aggie Bonfire Commission after the traditional bonfire fell and killed 12 students. If the bonfire had been an industrial accident, charges would have been filed and someone would have gone to jail. Instead, no one lost their job, no one was fired, no one was held accountable for the senseless deaths of 12 students from a massive faulty structure.

If you ever have the unfortunate pleasure of losing your life's savings by a home builder or lose a child due to  medical malpractice, you will understand what Linbeck and Perry have accomplished for your family.

RIP. Both of you.


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