Monday, June 10, 2013

Federal Funding for Hike/Bike Trail in Clear Lake!

Connecting to the hike and bike trails near the old golf course area, trail funding has been approved for a Clear Lake area connector trail.
"The last major piece of funding for the Mason Park bridge, which held back construction, came through May 24, when the Houston-Galveston Area Council approved $3.5 million, out of a pot of federal money aimed at nonvehicular transportation projects. State transportation officials sign off on projects, but delegate preferences in the Houston area to the local council. Two other projects to connect existing bicycle routes around the University of Houston and Clear Lake also received funding recommendations."
Check article by Dug Begley in today's Houston Chronicle Upgrades to Link Bike Trails for more information including approval of funds for Clear Lake by the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

The local Conservancy Advisory Committee, working with the Clear Lake City Water Authority, is organizing to create a conservancy to raise additional funds for more hike and bike trails and other ammenities at the new park area in the heart of the Clear Lake Bay Area. For more information about the CLCWA plans check Master Plan for Park and Water Detention Area.


  1. In order to read the Chronicle online you need to pay money and I am not paying money that that.

    It just isn't worth it. But, congrats to the volunteers with the Clear Lake golf course park.

  2. Ahh... good point. What a shame the paper keeps shrinking and cutting off those who want to read it. Sorry about the link ineffectiveness without the subscription!