Friday, June 21, 2013

Excellent Seabrook Trails System Expanding Thanks to Federal Funds

The Seabrook community is leading the way in Bay Area hike and bike trail development, in this case with federal funding assistance.
Seabrook is a step closer to connecting its system of recreational trails to the Armand Bayou Nature Center, thanks to a federal grant recently awarded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. 
The city was awarded $156,800 to create a 1.3 mile-granite trail that will be an extension of the city's North Trail. The new trail is a section of a future trail that will connect Pine Gully Park to Armand Bayou, crossing Texas 146, to a regional trail leading to the Armand Bayou Nature Center.
The 1.3-mile granite trail will include two bridges, one of which is a 90-foot truss bridge. Once the 1.3-mile trail is complete, only a half mile of trail would be needed to connect trails from Pine Gully Park to the nature center. 

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See map showing Seabrook trails layout

Further to the west, the Clear Lake Water Authority and a citizen committee are meeting weekly now to accelerate planning for the badly needed flood control area and park space at the old golf course in the heart of Clear Lake area. They're developing a conservancy very similar to the Memorial Park Conservancy to plan, fund raise, develop and operate the park.

Those interested in trails in the Clear Lake region should look at the Clear Lake Pedestrian and Bicyclist Study which lays out a great plan that includes the golf course area.

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