Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eileen Collins and Nick Lampson on Space Exploration Beyond Politics

The first female Shuttle commander and a former local congressman of Bay Area Houston speak out about the benefits of space exploration and the importance of moving beyond politics to advance human space exploration. Writing together in the Huffington Post, the two legends said in part:
Whether it's a gathering of community leaders, business and professional groups or school children, those we encounter are awed by American accomplishments in space. They are full of questions about what we intend to do next and what it means for them.
As a nation, we must put politics aside to ensure that expanding the space frontier occupies a prominent place on our national agenda. We need strategic, adequately funded and aggressively paced programs to keep America at the summits of technical innovation and exploration...
...It's time for all of us to set politics aside on this important issue. America can and should remain a shining light for the rest of the world in the exploration of space. 
Hopefully, the community will come together and all stay the course to advance human space exploration.

Beyond the Politics: Space Exploration Is Imperative to Innovation and Inspiration

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