Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful New Park Created by Local Citizens and the Clear Lake City Water Authority

There's been a fair amount of discussion about the Clear Lake City Water Authority creating the water detention area and park, and a few critics are disappointed that the old golf course can't be turned into a condo/apartment development. Unfortunately, those few have friends in high places and have no reluctance in fibbing about the actual plans to recreate the 178 acres into a beautiful green space in the middle of the Bay Area. No, all the trees are not going to be cut down and no, there will be no new alligators there. And no, the local citizens want to the water authority to continue its great service to some 12,000 residential customers and no, they don't want more development when they know how nice all this green space can be.

If you haven't been to the old golf course recently, go there as soon as you can. Walk along the old golf cart trails in more open space than anywhere else publicly accessible. Birds, wildlife and wave after wave of green grass.

Look at the Master Plan that the water authority has approved to see the park that is the board's vision. SWA Architects, the same firm that designed the redevelopment of Buffalo Bayou, laid out these plans with input from the CLCWA and citizen committees that brainstormed and deliberated all last summer and fall. Note the hike and bike trails, islands for wild birds and even babbling brook at the entrance by the rec center. Without further politics and misrepresentations, this are will be a new gem in the heart of the Bay Area, a gem on par with the Clear Lake itself.

Master Plan for New Green Space in Clear Lake

Wonder how this all came about, check out the website from the original Water Authority and committed citizen initiative. Get just a small idea of what it took to bring this together for the people of the Clear Lake, Bay Area.   Keep Green Space Green

Check out the work your local neighbors did last summer and fall to work out the details and funding approaches for key amenities of the new park.  Clear Lake Green Plan Proposals

Whew, what a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Please help this grand vision become a reality for Bay Area Houston Today! Email Governor Perry Today! to say he must veto House Bill 1324, the bill to decrease tax funds from local chemical plants.  Tell Gov. Rick to Veto HB 1324 TODAY!

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