Monday, June 24, 2013

About Me: Mister Right

I don't exist.

It used to be a conservative was defined by his word, his tendency to be fiscally stingy, his adherence to family values. That all changed in 2010 with the emergence of the bottom of the barrel of the Republican Party called the "Tea Party". Now lying, cheating on your wife (or wives), and sending us into debt is the norm and is tolerated, just as long as it supports the cause, whatever that is now a days.

I am a Conservative, which does NOT mean I am a Republican . I have no idea what a Republican is any more but I do know I am not like Newt Gingrich with more wives than a Mormon whore house. I'm not one to talk about family values then run off with a girl from Argentina using tax payer money, and I am not one to elect this person to Congress! I am not one to condone or endorse this behavior, yet the Republican Party does.

I am not one that would lie or tolerate those who do like Sarah Palin spreading lies about the health care law. I might be against the law, but I do not need the likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman to make up lies to spread on Fox News. It isn't right. It isn't what we teach our kids, or what I teach my kids. The facts are no longer meaningful to the Republican Party. If they can get away with lying, then by gosh they will lie.They will cheat. They will do whatever it takes to win.

I used to be a Republican. Now I don't exist anymore. I thank Bay Area Houston Today for the opportunity to chime in on issues affecting our area.

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  1. Nice to e-meet you and your neo-conservative values (or should they be called paleo-conservative??).

    I'm sure glad to see you folks putting this new effort together because we don't have nearly enough news or editorial coverage in the Clear Lake area. I'm looking forward to y'alls' future contributions.

    --Centerpointe Communicator blog (League City)