Monday, June 24, 2013

Abortions in Austin: As the Governor and Legislative Head Buff Up for Next Year's Primaries

In an effort to be more appealing to radicals on the far right, Rick Perry and David Dewhurst's special session move to limit abortions more than the Supreme Court has created a huge battle of women vs. politicians in Austin.

Updated TODAY, June 24, 5 a.m.
After nine hours of debate, the House tentatively approved Senate Bill 5 — the omnibus abortion restriction bill — early Monday morning. The approval came after contentious debate while opponents of the legislation observed from the gallery. They erupted in applause and jeers several times during the back-and-forth.
Now, lawmakers are in a race with the clock to approve — or stymie — the legislation before the special session ends on Tuesday.
Check out today's Texas Tribune to see how they're playing with your life today.

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